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I’m Claire and I’m that person. The one who has ‘talk to me’ written on her forehead. I’m that person, the one who freaks out her friends when I seem to know exactly whats going on in their heads. I’m that person, the one who in any group seems to naturally become the problem solver/therapist/fount of all knowledge. I’m that person, the one who has way too many ideas and projects on the go at any one time that I often get stuck. I’m that person, the one who gives way too much of herself that I then have to retreat for a few days to recharge. I’m that person, the one who worries so much about the world that her children are growing up in that I am overwhelmed by the enormity of it all. I’m that person, who works a lot by instinct and intuition which means that I sometimes struggle to believe in the value of what I’m doing.

I’m that person, just like you, messy, busy, sometimes on it, sometimes stuck and overwhelmed, just trying to do the best job I can, for my children, for my husband. for my friends and family, for my work, for me.

So what does that mean for you? Read on or click below to find out what I can do for you.

Areas of Expertise

Pregnancy and Birth

Adoption and Fostering

Mental Health


Challenging Behaviour


Child Development

Emotional Development


A Story

I will never forget meeting a mum when I was working for Surestart in Bristol. She was an older mum and took one look at me (youngish, no kids, middle class, university educated) and laughed in my face. She couldn’t believe that there was anything that I could offer her that could possibly be of any use. In fact, I felt the same way, what could I tell this woman who had so much more life experience than me? So I listened. I threw away any agenda that I might have had and I listened. I was super aware of how I seemed to her, and I owned it. I admitted that I was different to her, that my life and experiences were different to hers. But we connected. I was a human being and so was she, so we connected. We played with her beautiful son. We talked about her teenage daughter and the fears she had for her. We laughed, a lot. And I won her round. We were both sad when our work came to an end but I learnt so much in those few weeks, about myself, about connecting, about judgements, that I have never forgotten her.

That little boy will be a teenager now, and I have no idea what his life is like, but I’d like to think that maybe managed to make a little difference to him and his family.

They certainly did for me.

Terrifyingly, I have now been working with children and families for 20 years. I am a qualified social worker and early years teacher and have worked in social services, community organisations, education and mental health services. What this means is that I have a huge amount of experience, skills and knowledge to bring to my work with you.

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